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Important Dates

Robinson Hall
Academic break housing provides residents with a reasonably priced housing option during Thanksgiving, winter, and spring breaks. It is only available in a few areas, and services are limited. See calendar for exact dates.

On-Campus Academic Break Housing Areas

  • Athletic Campus: Harris/Millis, Living/Learning, Marsh/Austin/Tupper
  • Redstone Campus: Coolidge Hall (starting Fall 2016)
  • Trinity/North Campus: McAuley, Mercy, and The Cottages
  • also at 439 College Street

All other residence halls are closed during breaks. 

Choosing the Break Housing Option on your Contract

  • New Students: Choose break housing on your housing contract to have the option of staying in your room during breaks.You will be placed in a break housing area.
  • Returning Students: Choose break housing on your contract. During online room selection, choose a room in a break area.
  • If you choose break housing on your contract, but also apply for a program in a non-break location, you will need to decide which you want more: break housing or that program.
  • If you do not live in a break housing area, you cannot stay during breaks unless you borrow a room from someone who lives in a break area (details below).

Signing up for Break Housing

You need to sign up for break housing for safety reasons and in order to have access to your building.

  • If you live in one of these halls and wish to stay for break: Complete the academic break housing request form* within myResLife.You will be charged the flat rate; nightly rates are not available.
  • If you wish to stay on campus but do not live in a break housing area: You need permission to stay in the room of a break housing hall resident before you fill out the online form.You will be charged the flat rate; nightly rates are not available.
  • Be aware that the number of students in the halls during academic breaks is very small.
  • ResLife staff is on duty to supervise these areas, but you must also assume responsibility for building security and your own personal safety.
  • During breaks, there is limited custodial service and no mail or main desk service in the residence halls.
  • One residential dining facility remains open, and some retail dining locations on campus have limited operating hours.

*The online sign-up form usually opens two weeks prior to the upcoming break. We will email students when it opens.

Last updated June 23rd, 2016