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Returning Students...

  • who live on campus during spring semester are guaranteed housing for the following year if they participate in the spring room selection process; they do not need to submit an on-campus housing request. Visit the room selection pages on this website for timeline and up-to-date information.
  • who do not participate in the spring room selection process must submit an on-campus housing request in myResLife. Housing is not guaranteed for those who have completed their four-semester residency requirement, but will be offered if space is available.
  • who return from study abroad are guaranteed housing if they lived on campus the semester prior to going abroad, whether or not they are still required to be on campus. Semesters spent studying abroad do count toward the four-semester on-campus housing requirement, and study-abroad returnees who have not yet completed the four-semester residency requirement (even when counting semesters spent abroad) must return to campus. Those abroad during spring semester can choose a room for the following fall by participating in the spring online room selection process. Anyone unable to participate in the online room selection process or those who did not live on campus the semester prior to going abroad should submit a housing request at myResLife.
  • who are returning from an official leave of absence or medical withdrawal must submit an on-campus housing request in myResLife. Housing is guaranteed for those who did not complete their four-semester residency requirement.

Important reminders:

  • First-year students are required to live on campus for two years.
  • Students who have fulfilled their on-campus requirement are guaranteed on-campus housing only if they choose a room during the spring selection process.
  • The housing and meal plan contract is legally binding for the entire academic year. Make sure you are familiar with the terms and conditions of this contract.
  • The on-campus housing request form is located in myResLife.
Last updated January 28th, 2014