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The on-campus requirement is an important part of every student’s UVM education. Studies suggest that students who live on campus adjust more easily to college, are more involved in the campus community, and have more academic success. For these reasons, all first-time, first-year students at UVM are required to live on campus for four matriculated semesters.

Being released from the housing contract: We recognize that there are circumstances that may require special consideration. Situations where there are dramatic changes in circumstances beyond your control since moving into the residence hall, which prevent meeting the conditions of the housing contract and cannot be resolved by other accommodations, may become grounds for release from your housing contract.

Automatic contract releases can be granted based on the following conditions:

  • Withdrawal from school or leave of absence
  • Marriage/civil union (please submit a copy of your license)
  • Graduation
  • Student teaching/internship (outside the Burlington area)
  • Non-traditional student (23 years or older at the start of the academic year)

Contract releases may also be considered based on the criteria listed below. However, you must be able to demonstrate a major change in circumstances beyond your control since moving into the residence hall that prevents you from meeting the conditions of the housing contract.

  • Disability Accommodations: Requests for contract release may be considered for students with certified, documented ADA disabilities. Please make an appointment with a specialist at ACCESS to discuss your request. You will need to provide documentation of your disability if it is not on file. This process will take some time, so please plan ahead. For information on what documentation you will need, see the ACCESS Documentation Guidelines.
  • Medical: Students with non-ADA medical conditions are evaluated by the Center for Health and Wellbeing. Please complete a Housing Modification Request for Students with a non-ADA Medical Condition. You will also be required to provide current and comprehensive medical documentation to support your change in a diagnosed medical condition. This documentation must specifically address how the residence hall environment adversely affects your medical condition. If you have questions or need more information, contact Anne Desmond at (802) 656-9382.
  • Psychological: Students who have been an ongoing client at UVM Counseling & Psychiatry Services may in some situations have their counselor submit a completed client information form (CIF) to recommend a contract release.
  • Financial Considerations: Students facing a significant change in financial circumstances may apply for a housing contract release. Residential Life will contact a staff member in Student Financial Services on your behalf to discuss your request and determine your eligibility.

Contract Release Procedure

  1. Meet with either your residence director or assistant residence director, who will determine whether your request is eligible for consideration. If so, your name and UVM NetID will be forwarded to Residential Life administrative services.
  2. You will receive an email message from the associate director for administrative services (sent to your UVM email address) with instructions for completing the application form, as well as deadline and notification dates. Complete all sections of the form by 4:00 pm of the application deadline date (the last day to withdraw from classes).
  3. A decision letter regarding your request will be sent to your UVM email address by the notification date.
  4. If your contract release is not granted, you may submit a written appeal to the director of Residential Life, asking that the decision be reviewed. The appeal MUST be submitted by the appeal deadline date and based on either:
    • New information (not withheld) that was not available at the time you submitted your information.
    • Contention that the procedures for review of the contract release request, as stated above, were not followed.
  5. A decision letter regarding your appeal will be sent to you at your UVM email address by the appeal notification date.

Please Note:

  • It is your responsibility to officially check out of your residence hall.
  • If/when you are ready to return to the University, you will need to call our office to discuss your housing options.
Last updated October 7th, 2013