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Staff members learn to use fire safety equipment

Fire prevention is a critical factor in keeping you safe at UVM. Below is important information you need to ensure a healthy and safe living environment in your campus residence.

Health and Safety Inspections

Health and safety inspections are conducted once a month in each room. You will be given 24-hour notice. While these inspections are beneficial in maintaining a healthy environment, they do not guarantee your safety. To maximize your safety, it's important to follow our fire-prevention guidelines.

Fire Prevention

To promote safety and security at the University of Vermont and in compliance with the Clery Act, each year the University compiles and submits fire statistics to the United States Department of Education. You'll find recent statistics by type, location, and year at the University’s Annual Fire Safety Report for Student Housing. This report includes fire safety policy statements and information about how to access UVM’s daily fire log.

Student Guidelines for Fire Prevention

  • When a fire alarm sounds, evacuate the building immediately. Even though false alarms do happen, it would be impossible for you to know when it is real or not – so just leave to be safe. Failure to evacuate residence hall facilities is a federal offense and will result in educational sanctions and fines.
  • Do not prop doors. Propped doors allow smoke to fill a hallway/room very quickly.
  • Keep hallways and stairways clear of all items so you can get out quickly.
  • Do not cover smoke detectors with anything – they need to be exposed to detect smoke.
  • Do not hang anything on or cover sprinkler heads – they may not go off in a fire.
  • Do not smoke, light candles or burn incense to avoid setting off a detector or starting a fire.

Please refer to the housing and meal plan contract for all policies pertaining to fire prevention, smoking in the residence halls and fines/judicial actions for tampering with or illegal use of fire-safety equipment.

Last updated May 20th, 2014