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     Closed on UVM administrative holidays
     (802) 656-3434
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     UVM Department of Residential Life
     406 South Prospect St.
     Robinson Hall
     Burlington, Vermont, 05405-0364

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Residential Life provides staff and equipment to help you maintain a safe and secure living environment. However, you need to take an active role in protecting yourself, your property, and your community. We hope the following guidelines will help you do that.

In-Hall Safety Checklist

  • Lock your door! Consider your residence hall room to be like an apartment. Even leaving your door unlocked while you go down the hall allows enough time for someone to enter your room.
  • Don't attach your room key to your UVM ID because it could give someone immediate and easy access to your room, especially if they know you.
  • Be on the same page as your roommate(s): Have a conversation about the security of your room.
  • Never let strangers into the residence halls: If you see someone you don’t know trying to enter your residence hall without swiping their ID card, it's OK to ask them if they are a resident.
  • Never prop doors: Anyone can enter unseen.
  • Add UVM police to your cell-phone contacts: 802-656-3473.
  • Immediately report any suspicious circumstances: contact UVM police at (802) 656-3473 or 911.
  • Take care of your windows: Remove all fans and other objects from window ledges that may impede you from closing or locking your windows.
  • Be aware of your own property: Know model types and serial numbers for more expensive belongings. Register valuables with UVM police.
  • Don't give yourself away: Don’t post messages on your door indicating that you're away and when you'll return, and don’t post invitations on your door for people to enter.
  • Consider security devices for your computer: Consider purchasing a locking device and tracking software for your laptop computer. The locks are available at the UVM bookstore and through
  • Consider purchasing additional renter's insurance: There are many companies that specialize in renter's insurance for college students who live in residence halls or in off-campus apartments. CSI Student Personal Property Protector Plus Insurance is a recommended company for students who need and/or want affordable coverage.

Streetwise Safety

Burlington residents and leaders have launched a Safe Streets campaign. Whether we’re walking, driving or biking, we’re all responsible for creating a culture of safety and civility in the Queen City. The campaign’s message is “Give Respect, Get Respect – Safety Is a Two-Way Street.” Help out by doing these three things:

  1. Report recklessness: If you see reckless behavior on our streets, report it! Call 802-540-2345. Burlington Police will attempt to contact the reckless driver, cyclist or pedestrian and explain the rules of the road. Also, your report will be put on file to track repeat incidents by the same person.
  2. Get the gear: Get paid to be safe! Drivers can get $6 off a hands-free headset to help keep both hands on the wheel. Cyclists and walkers can get $6 off reflective clothing, helmets or lights. Download the $6 coupon
  3. Be an ambassador: Help spread the word! Distribute the materials ($6 coupons, brochures, cards, web PSAs) to friends and neighbors. Pick up printed materials at Local Motion or download them
Last updated June 16th, 2015