University of Vermont

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     8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday
     Closed on UVM administrative holidays
     (802) 656-3434
     (802) 656-1142
     UVM Department of Residential Life
     406 South Prospect St.
     Robinson Hall
     Burlington, Vermont, 05405-0364

Posting Policy: Only postings that pertain to UVM-recognized student and campus organizations are allowed in the student living spaces of residence halls. Posters/flyers that are not affiliated or produced by ResLife staff or the Inter-Residence Association can be posted on public bulletin boards in main lobby areas by ResLife staff. Posting on anything other than bulletin boards or designated walls (windows, trees, light posts, benches, building label signs, undesignated walls, etc.) is not appropriate and will result in removal of posters. ResLife serves as the clearinghouse for distribution. Students who wish to post flyers in the halls should bring them to ResLife’s main office at 406 So. Prospect Street on Redstone Campus. Posters that violate University policy or state and federal laws will not be approved for posting or will be subject to removal.

Postings must include the name and contact information of the sponsoring group or individual, and may not be larger than 11”x17” in size. Regardless of size, no more than two posters are allowed per bulletin board. Posters/flyers may not be posted with duct tape or any other adhesive that leaves a residue. Posting over or removing existing material publicizing an event is not allowed unless the information is outdated.

Any organization sponsoring an event which violates these policies will have all posted material removed, will be held financially responsible for any damages caused by posting (repainting, spackling, filling holes, etc.) and will be excluded from future use of ResLife publicity outlets.

Solicitation Policy: Individuals or organizations seeking to staff a table, distribute literature, or engage in other forms of solicitation for non-commercial purposes may request permission to enter the lobby areas of residential complexes (the spaces that connect residence hall buildings together and where the main desk is located) between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Requests may be directed to and must conform with UVM’s Facilities and Grounds Use Policy V. and other applicable policies. Any commercial solicitation in those common areas may occur only with the express written permission of the Department of Residential Life.

Last updated October 15th, 2013