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Before August move-in, all student spaces are double-checked by a ResLife staff member. Student bedroom areas are assessed using a room condition form (RCR). A second form is used to assess shared spaces for residents of the Cottages, Living/ Learning, Slade, Wright suites, University Heights, and the Trinity Back Five (Hunt, McCann, Ready, Richardson, and Sichel). These forms should be in your room or shared space upon your arrival.

Please double-check everything carefully. To add or change anything, return a copy of your form to your office manager by September 1st or within three business days of move-in. If anything requires immediate attention, please notify a staff member right away.


  • Look for your RCR form posted in your room
  • There is a separate form for suite or shared bathroom spaces
  • Your room has been carefully inspected by a ResLife staff member
  • Any wear-and-tear items are noted
  • A blank form means everything is OK
  • Add any comments and return your RCR form to your main desk within three business days of move-in
  • If you don’t return your RCR form, it means you had no comments and agreed that everything was OK
  • We’ll expect to find your room in the same condition upon your departure
  • Any room damage will be billed to your student account
  • To have an item fixed, report it to your main desk (if urgent) or send a Fix-it (if not)
  • Can’t find your RCR in your room? Ask your RA or stop by your main desk for a copy
Last updated July 29th, 2013