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     Closed on UVM administrative holidays
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     UVM Department of Residential Life
     406 South Prospect St.
     Robinson Hall
     Burlington, Vermont, 05405-0364

Resident advisors in formal attire

Resident Advisor Statement of Purpose: As the heart of the residential community, the Resident Advisor (RA) position provides residents with peer leadership that allows for the healthy facilitation of community. RAs at the University of Vermont develop critical skills to play an active and intentional role in fostering an inclusive, safe, and healthy atmosphere conducive to learning for a diverse student body.

Resident Advisor Position Responsibilities

  • Advancing Diversity & Inclusion
    • Display sensitivity to all lifestyles
    • Celebrate diversity
    • Support and dialogue about residents’ differences in opinions, cultures, and life experiences.
    • Actively confront situations of intolerance and bias that result from lack of respect
    • Foster a community supportive of the Department’s Philosophy Statement on Diversity and the University’s Common Ground values of Respect, Integrity, Innovation, Openness, Justice, and Responsibility 
  • Community & Civic Engagement
    • Develop reciprocal relationships with residents
    • Utilize active listening skills and assist residents with individual concerns
    • Refer residents to university resources
    • Encourage residents to get involved with the community on and off campus
    • Encourage residents to take an active role in developing community
    • Facilitate conversations about the rights and responsibilities of community living
    • Keep the community informed of complex and university announcements and events
    • Support Hall Council by attending at least one meeting per month
    • Support the Inter-Residence Association
    • Implement the Programming Model to offer inclusive programming that meets the needs of the community and complex 
    • Recognize the accomplishments of community members and coworkers
    • Be supportive of other staff members and their decisions
    • Create and adhere to staff community standards
    • Provide and receive constructive feedback
    • Accessible, available, and visible in the community and complex
  • Enhancing Learning
    • Communicate residents’ concerns to support staff and maintain confidentiality 
    • Support students in resolving conflicts
    • Create learning opportunities in the physical environment
    • Utilize online resources for responsibly connecting to residents
    • Actively participate in weekly staff meetings, in-service sessions, and training activities
    • Actively participate in discussions and allow others’ voices to be heard
  • Health & Wellness
    • Know and adhere to the University Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities and the Housing and Meal Plan Contract Terms & Conditions
    • Clarify University policies and procedures for students
    • Consistently confront violations of University policy
    • Display personal balance of academics, campus involvements, and relationships
    • Engage in self-reflection and identity exploration
    • Know and implement appropriate crisis response protocols while on or off duty
    • Support individuals and communities during and after crises
    • Provide accurate, timely documentation of crises occurring in the community
    • Facilitate routine health & safety inspections
    • Share duty coverage for the complex
    • Present a positive attitude in carrying out RA responsibilities
  • Administrative Responsibilities
    • Be an available resource to residents at the front desk on a rotating basis
    • Participate in preparing the halls for opening and closing
    • Report and follow up on maintenance concerns
    • Submit paperwork accurately and in a timely manner
    • Act as a representative of the Division of Student & Campus Life and Department of Residential Life supporting the departmental mission
    • Access and respond to communication via email and RETnet daily
  • Other Duties as Assigned

Lead Resident Advisor Position Responsibilities

The Lead Resident Advisor (LRA) is a peer mentor who works with approximately 35-60 residents to assist them in addressing personal needs and building inclusive communities that foster academic achievement, personal development, and multicultural awareness. The LRA is a live-in liaison between students and administrators to articulate rights and responsibilities for both the individual and the University. Additionally, the Lead RA is a leader on staff, supporting new RAs and collaborating with the RD, ARD, Graduate Coordinators, and other Lead RAs.  A/RDs and Lead RAs are responsible for dividing these duties amongst their Lead RA peers. LRAs must have one year of prior RA experience at the University of Vermont to apply for the position. All Resident Advisor Position Responsibilities apply to the LRA position.

  • Advancing Diversity & Inclusion
    • Assist with RA class instruction
    • Facilitate conversations on social justice topics
    • Assist with staff affinity space
  • Community & Civic Engagement
    • Organize staff recognition (per staff standards)
    • Help A/RD coordinate staff development activities (per staff standards)
    • Attend weekly RA Council meetings
    • Serve on departmental committees whenever possible, i.e. RA Recruitment, Selection, and Training
    • Solicit input from staff for constructive feedback to department via RA Council
    • Highlight complex happenings/accomplishments/etc.
    • Report back to staff
    • Serve as hall council liaison
    • Attend hall council meetings weekly
    • Coordinate one joint program between RA staff and hall council members each semester
  • Enhancing Learning
    • Maintain programming calendar on RetNet
    • Keep site clean – delete old threads, maintain photo albums, etc.
    • Lead programming discussions with staff
    • Lead complex-wide program planning teams (per complex leadership discretion)
    • Actively participate in “In the Moment” (as actors)
    • Assist with training presentations
    • Coordinate and purchase all food items for staff
  • Health & Wellness
    • Coordinate duty schedule for the complex
    • Facilitate consensus meeting or
    • Schedule by default
    • Post schedule and updates on RetNet
    • Manage duty changes throughout the semester
    • Maintain tally of duty shifts per weekday, weekend, and phone coverage
  • Administrative Responsibilities
    • Provide a safe, fun, welcoming space for fellow RAs
    • Organize staff room
    • Hold staff accountable for upkeep of space
    • Communicate needed supplies to office manager/residence director
    • Coordinate schedule for staff meeting leadership (staff standards determine roles – timekeeper, team builder, note taker, leader, etc.)
    • Assist with RA interview process
    • Lead staff meetings (beyond team builders/ice breakers)


Last updated December 15th, 2014