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There has been a lot of media coverage about the resurgence in bedbugs across the country. Unfortunately, these pests have been making a comeback since they were all but eradicated in the U.S. in the 1950s and '60s. ResLife has protocols in place to deal with bedbugs if they are found in one of our buildings.

Bedbugs are an equal opportunity pest. If you find bedbugs in your room it does not mean your room or the building is dirty or unhygienic. It simply means that a bug or two found its way into a place with humans, probably stowed away on luggage or linens from elsewhere. Bedbugs have not been found to spread disease. Even though they are annoying and not pleasant, they do not present a major health risk to you.

Follow these guidelines to prevent and identify bedbugs in your hall:

  • Wash any used clothes, linens, etc., on high heat before bringing them into your room.
  • If you are staying in a hotel, inspect your bed (look for bedbug shells, small brown dots, and small blood smears on the mattress, in the seams, and on the headboard) and keep your luggage closed and off the floor.
  • Do not bring used furniture (especially if it is upholstered) back to your hall.
  • If you notice new bites when you wake up in the morning, especially on your arms, shoulders, neck, or calves, and in lines of three bites, or suspect your bed may have bedbugs, report it to ResLife staff (CA, RA, OM, ARD, or RD) immediately. Waiting to report it could allow the pests to spread before they can be contained.
  • Do not attempt to spray for bedbugs yourself, as standard bug spray will not kill them. We will bring in professionals who are trained and licensed to use stronger pesticides.
  • If you report bedbugs to your hall staff, follow their instructions exactly.
  • Wash everything that comes out of your room before bringing it back into your room or anyone else's or the bugs could return or spread elsewhere.
  • Throwing away infested linens or furniture could spread the problem. Wash your linens and pillows and allow the exterminators to fully treat all the furniture in your room.
  • The bugs might not disappear after the first treatment, so tell your hall staff if they return.
  • Don't panic! If you do find bedbugs, they can be eliminated if you follow ResLife's instructions and basic prevention guidelines.

If we all do our part to prevent bedbugs in our halls, and take proper measures to control them when found, they won't be a problem for us here at UVM. Read more basic bedbug information.

Last updated November 29th, 2016