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Telephones: Due to the popularity of cell phones, we do not have landline service in student rooms. However, all residence halls have at least one phone on each floor that residents are welcome to use to make outgoing local calls. To make long-distance calls, a pre-paid calling card is needed. Read more about hall phones.

Network access: Wi-fi (wireless) is available in all student rooms and common areas, and residents can connect to the UVM network using wireless or "wired" Ethernet connections. To safeguard network security and performance, routers, hubs, sniffers, or wireless access points are not allowed. Each student room has two Ethernet jacks (hubs are available to provide a third Ethernet jack in triple rooms). Ethernet cables are not provided. If you do bring one (recommended for gaming systems or for optimal speed when streaming), a 25-foot cable is best. Find more computer help and support at Enterprise Technology Services.

Printing: Printers are available in the Bailey/Howe Library and Waterman Computer Lab. Some colleges and schools have computer labs with printers that can be used by students enrolled in their courses.

Television: Due to the popularity of online TV and video content, cable TV service is no longer available in the residence halls. If you do bring a TV to campus, here are things you should know:

  • Any TV with an antenna attached can be used to receive “over the air” broadcast television programming. A basic antenna will pick up the local CBS and NBC stations in all of the residence halls, and in some locations, a more powerful antenna will also pick up the local ABC, FOX, and PBS stations.
  • TVs that can connect to your computer may be used to create a larger display for viewing online TV and video content. The store where you buy your TV can tell you if this is possible; and if so, what cable is required for your specific TV and computer.
  • If the product information for a smart TV states that your model can connect directly to a “wired” (Ethernet) network, you need to use that documentation to determine how to locate the TV's MAC address. Then email with that MAC address and your UVM NetID. Only devices that connect wirelessly using WPA2 Enterprise encryption standards will work on UVM wireless. Check in the device Menu for WPA2 Enterprise settings; use your UVM NetID and password when prompted. General questions can be directed to the UVM Tech Team at 802-656-2604, or visit them on Facebook:

If you have other questions about using TVs in the residence halls not covered here, please contact us at or 802-656-3434.

Last updated December 6th, 2013