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2016-2017 Maximum Room Rates per Academic Year

Private Single*
Private Double*
Private Triple** $7,516 $3,758
Suite Single $9,014 $4,507
Suite Double
Suite Triple** $6,284 $3,142
Large Single*
Traditional Single*
Traditional Double
Traditional Triple**

2016-2017 Quarry Hill and Sheraton Maximum Room Rates

Room Type
Cost Per Academic Year
Cost per Semester (Fall and Spring)
Cost for Summer
Cost per Calendar Year (12 months)

Private Double -
Quarry Hill





Private Double - Sheraton



not available

not avalable

Financial Obligations and Discretionary Housing Fund

Students are housed in double, triple, or single rooms arranged in private, suite, or traditional-style housing. Financial aid packages are based on the cost of a traditional double room.

A discretionary housing fund is available to offset a portion of the higher room rates associated with some rooms in programmed housing areas (such as University Heights and Living/Learning). Students who receive need-based assistance and are members of these programs may receive support through the discretionary fund when they are assigned to a qualifying room that is more expensive than the standard traditional double and Student Financial Services determines this presents a financial hardship for them. Eligible rooms include private singles, private doubles, suite singles, and traditional singles. Suite doubles are not eligible.

Requests for discretionary funds must be made by the last day to add/drop courses each semester.

The offset cost assistance request form is in myResLife, visible only to residents of qualified rooms during specified periods of the year. Please contact us with any questions.

*Room may be eligible for offset cost assistance.

**Triple rooms are temporary. As space permits, they are converted back to double rooms. When this occurs, the double rate will be charged to the remaining two students on a prorated basis.

Copied from Housing and Meal Plan Contract Terms & Conditions



Last updated November 29th, 2016